Ellen - Always Here To Say Hello

Keeping with Number Six tradition, this week we’ve put our newest addition to the team, Ellen, in the hot seat to answer a few quickfire questions to see if we can find out what makes her tick. As a new member to the store, Ellen’s bringing a fresh take on the Number Six way of life. A self-confessed fan of off-beat brands, including Le Fix and Our Legacy, she’s keeping her eye on the streetwear ball.

The answers...

Hi Ellen, can you tell us what you do at Number Six?

Ellen: Sales and a bit of e-commerce, I like to do a bit of everything I get a chance to work on.

Your house is on fire, what do you save?

Ellen: Photos. I have so many photos that I’d hate to lose.

What are you wearing today?

Ellen: Today I'm wearing some long wide leg jeans, a green chunky cardigan and a basic white t-shirt - keeping it simple and classic.

Do you have a repeat shopping purchase, and what is it?

Ellen: Trousers, or food. You can’t go wrong.

What was your best sale buy ever?

Ellen: I find sales stressful on the whole, but I found a merino wool scarf last year for a tenner. That’s kept me going for ages, I knew I was on to a winner

The one that got away (clothing of course)?

Ellen: Several holiday purchases I convinced myself against last minute and now regret. I’ll know I’ll learn from my mistakes next time!

Give us an outfit from the Number Six rails?

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