Techné Instruments: New To Number Six

Discovering brands with a unique background is part of what keeps the Number Six lot ticking over. We like to think we can appreciate a decent heritage and understand a bit about how that’s helped something reach its full potential.

"reliable, long-lasting, easy to wear"

When we heard about the son of a surgeon who trained in goldsmithing, then took a monumental hike that molded his inner determination, and then released a series of 100 watches influenced by his life, we just had to dig a little deeper. Francis Jacquerye is the man behind it all. Leading a timekeeping revolution that we should all get on board with.

Techné Instruments watches are designed to fulfill the basics of any good watch. Made to be reliable, accurate, easy to read in all conditions, and hard-wearing against the elements. At Number Six, we’re not afraid to take things back to basics. We believe that a piece of great design will still be good for its entire lifespan. By ticking all the fundamental boxes, Techné Instruments have designed a top-notch bit of kit. With bold, matte black dials and durable nylon and leather straps, the Merlin 246 is made to be the most reliable, long-lasting, and easy to wear watch on the market.

"well-considered construction"

The brand takes its name from the ancient Greek for 'technique', which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to well-considered construction. Techné Instruments focus their everyday practice on crafting high-tech timepieces, that are affordable and fit comfortably into any kind of lifestyle. For the buying team at Number Six, it was a no-brainer bringing these guys into the store. Techné Instruments are made to be adaptable, whether you’re taking it easy, or pushing yourself that little bit further, they’re made to work with you.

We’ve brought in two styles of the Merlin 246, with 6 different straps to choose from. Ranging through tonal colourways, we’ve only chosen the styles we can really get behind. Francis Jacquerye and the team have now produced over 15,000 Techné Instruments watches, and we’re proud to be keeping the London side strong.

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