Wow. XX days until Christmas, can you believe that? Where has 2013 gone? It seems like yesterday we welcomed Pope Francis with a tuft of smoke and witnessed Miley Cyrus hump a foam finger (for what we hoped would be the first and last time). ANYWAY, we know you all are desperately trying to scramble together ideas for office Secret Santa or wondering what the hell to get Uncle Bob, again. So, we thought we'd be nice and distract you from your Christmas musings for a moment with the following announcement: Alden shoes have entered the building and we at Number Six are very happy to have them. Born in Massachusetts in 1884, these guys have been perfecting hand-crafted, premium leather shoes for a long time. Surviving historical calamities like The Great Depression and World War II, Alden can claim to be the only original shoe making company still standing in New England. Sourced from all over the world, Alden use the highest grade calf and kid leather and, a true old school shoemakers favourite- genuine shell cordovan. These shoes are designed to 'fit' and made to last.

Alden Indie Boots

We welcome three styles into our store. The brown aniline Indy Work Boot with neo-cork outsoles and a trubalance last. The Plain Toe Blucher in burgundy cordovan, made with double oak leather outsoles, for a durable wear, and a Barrie Last. And finally the Long Wing Oxford Blucher, which also features double oak leather outsoles, a Barrie Last and a classic pattern for a refined look

Alden Shoes

So, did we give you enough relief from tedious Christmas present planning? Feel better and in need of a wicked new pair of shoes? Perhaps you can put them on YOUR Christmas list for you. And to help you further, we have plenty of other goodies in store that we are sure can fit your Christmas gift needs with ideas starting as low as £7.50. Gift ideas in easy to view selections will be viewable on our website very soon! That's it from us. Stay classy, London.


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