Monteroni de Lecce sounds like an amazing pasta dish, doesn't it? Could be, but we know it as the place where Fracap was born, raised and are still made today.
For 100 plus years, Fracap has been perfecting the art of shoe making, passing the craft through three generations of family. As we like to say- 'A family that makes shoes together, stays together' - and also makes bloody terrific boots!
Fracap keep the majority of their business in-house, sourcing the finest leather from Italian tanneries and materials that are Italian made. These partnerships ensure an uncompromising quality in product and soul (yes, we meant soul, not sole. No puns today!)
The Scarponcini Boot in Arabian Tan is a perfect example of the craftsmanship we've been typing about. Made with beautiful Italian leather that wears like a dream, and a trusty Viabram CRISTY MORFLEX sole for maximum lightness and balance, these mean business and are the ultimate Winter boots to own! And, of course, all made in Italy.
With so much Italian goodness, they'll probably make you start speaking perfect Italian and cooking up insanely good pasta! Maybe not. But why not get a pair and see for yourself? We'll be here if you need any taste testers.


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