Here we go, the latest of our Just Popped in to say hello feature. This time we have grilled our longest standing member Joe.  After two years at Number Six doing nearly every role it's safe to say he knows the place like the back of his hand. As Buyer Joe is responsible for providing all the delights we have to offer in store and online. Never to be seen without a hat, according to him due to his hairline, we wanted to get behind his trademark and find out a bit more about his wardrobe. We asked him our usual quickfire questions to see if we could delve a bit deeper into what keeps him ticking. Joe

The answers...

What do you do? Joe: Buyer & Village Idiot at Number Six Your house is on fire what do you save? Joe: Call me sentimental but it would be a washbag I had made for me by a friend, everything else can be replaced easily. What are you wearing today? Joe:  I was quite hungover this morning so it was comfort today! Beefy T-shirt, Champion Hood, Rocky Mountain Jacket, Chuck 70's and my trusty TCB 50's jeans. Oh and my watch cap. What is your repeat shopping purchase? Joe: Penhaligon perfume, because smell is a good first impression to make and I have a man on the inside who can take a bit of the sting off the price What is your best Sale buy ever? Joe: Marks & Sparks BLT for 50p it was one of those right place right time type things. Tell us the one that got away (clothing of course)? Joe: This haunts me! I'm still praying for it to come up on eBay one day. It's the Levi's Vintage Clothing Backgammon Shirt from SS14, such a good shirt. Give us an outfit from the Number Six Rails? Joe Outfit

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