It's an issue. You buy a pair of trainers, you soil the pair trainers. Even the most the careful soul can mess up their fresh new kicks in a matter of minutes. It sucks - BUT - there is a solution. It comes in a black and purple can and it can change the life span of your sneakers - for good. Crep Protect is the answer to all your trainer-gettin'-dirty woes. So, how does it work? Crep Protect lays an invisible, optically clear protective barrier over your shoes that can repel most liquids, therefore resisting stains. With a quick, once-over every two weeks, you can keep your shoes looking as fresh as the day you bought them. Don't believe us? Check out this video to see the product in all its mind blowing, amazing glory! Amazed? Want some? You can get it here. You're welcome. Crep-Protect-Blog-1


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