Laboratory Perfumes Selection Here at Number Six we’ve just had a restock of Labor-Parfüms in store and online! Founded by Christopher Perry who is a master perfumer by trade the Laboratory Perfumes range features a collection of Eau de Toilette’s and Candles offering a simple, clean and modern scents. They range from fresh cardamoms and citrus to spicier scents when you want to add a bit of warmth and depth. Drawing inspiration from the British countryside Laboratory Perfumes are not only kind to your skin and senses but feature 100% bio degradable packaging. The candles especially grabbed our attention as they are made using the same design as an old school science beaker so once the wax has been exhausted the holder doesn’t need to be. We stock the Samphire, Amber and Gorse scents. The former features rich aromatic notes of fresh juniper berries, citrus oil and vetiver blended with lavender, basil and rosemary. Come and check out the entire range in-store or shop online. Laboratory Perfumes AmberLaboratory Perfumes Gorse

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