Our current front table is chock full of some sweet treats from brands such as Oliver spencer, Ebbets Field Flannels, C6, Rüstung Lux, Collective Noun and Duffer Japan. But, we've decided to hone in on two pieces we think would make great additions to anyone's wardrobe this summer. Number Six Selects One of our tip top favourites is the Reggie Workers coat by Collective Noun. The jacket's main feature, apart from that classic worker coat look, is the Brisbane Moss water resistant linen. The fabric is light weight, making this coat perfect for summer. Another detail worth mentioning is that the front pockets allow you to access your garments underneath the coat. Handy for personals that need to be gotten out quickly! Collective Noun pride themselves on sourcing materials and manufacturing everything in England. Mr Sam Dormer of Collective Noun began this venture with the sole want to source and employ local materials and makers respectively. His choice to do such things really show in the quality of CN's pieces. Number six selects 2 Another corker is the Rüstung Lux Sailor jersey. This is such a timeless, classically inspired piece. It's something that everyone should add to there breton stripe collection! Using 100% cotton and an interlocking technique, Rüstung Lux boast that it will not shrink or loose colour in the wash and, guess what? They are right! The quality of this garment is amazing. Much like Collective Noun, Armor Lux manufacture everything in France where they are based. So, there you have it. If our opinions haven't quite convinced you then it's best you get to our online store, or shop in Shoreditch, and see for yourself!


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