Museum Arrives In Store!

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All the staff here at Number Six are big fans of Museum, so when the coats arrived in store we lost it. It seems each jacket has something about it that is beautiful in its simplicity, construction and specifications. It seems the folks at Museum have found a way to create coats that do exactly what you need, to be kept warm and dry no matter what. As a bonus theirs minimal branding, no unnecessary pockets and no useless frilly bits. We currently have two Museum coats, the 'Surplus Parka' what is museums 'Intermediate Zone' coat ideal for urban environments. Second is the 'New Seattle' coat what...

New Brand At Number six! Portuguese Flannel

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A brand new label with a epic history behind it. Portuguese Flannel is currently owned by two brothers, Antonio and Manuel Magalhaes.  They belong to the 4th generation of a fabric manufacturing family. This makes there connection to the brand really strong because of the inherited passion behind it. It all began when their great grandfather worked at a mill from a young age as well as well as studying. It was his determination to learn that helped feed his family as well as path the way for future generations. by combining his education and his experience he managed to open his...

Trap Magazine - Issue 20 In Store Now!

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Pick up your copy of Trap Magazine! This Trap issue features articles on Gorgon City, Icicle, Slackk, Bishop Nehru, Adam Beher, The Drop Date + Mixes, Reviews and Fashion. For a free mag it is awesome! If you're in east London pop in and grab a copy of Trap. Alternatively, you can read the whole mag for free here!  

Herschel Look Book Video Spring 2012

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Last month the shots for the Herschel Supply Co spring 2012 look book were released and we were impressed with what we saw, but whats even better then pictures? A video, thats what! So we were really happy when we found this while browsing the interweb. Featuring past favourites in new, fresh colours and some completely new styles combined with the cool summery feel to the video (which im sure displays stuff we all want to be doing right now!) we are definitely proud to be stocking this range from the Canadians. Herschel Supply Spring 2012 lookbook video from Herschel Supply...

Ralph Lauren Preppy Gingham Traveller Swim Shorts

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With the glorious late winter sunshine that has been bestowed upon us over the last few days, you can forgive some people for basking in the first rays of the year and partaking in various summer-esk activities. Although we weren't quite as keen to go all out summer mode we have taken into consideration spring is just around the corner and I think everybody can be forgiven for thinking towards their plans for the summer! People were evidently already eager to get into their warmer weather gear over the weekend, and discard their winter coats, hats and scarves and forget...

Polo Ralph Lauren on The Daily Street

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  The Polo Ralph Lauren mercer oxford shirt featured on The Daily Street.