Joe: Always Here To Say Hello

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Here we go, the latest of our Just Popped in to say hello feature. This time we have grilled our longest standing member Joe.  After two years at Number Six doing nearly every role it's safe to say he knows the place like the back of his hand. As Buyer Joe is responsible for providing all the delights we have to offer in store and online. Never to be seen without a hat, according to him due to his hairline, we wanted to get behind his trademark and find out a bit more about his wardrobe. We asked him our...

Attention To Detail: The Work Jacket

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For any of you with a keen eye you might have noticed we are partial to a work Jacket at Number Six. Now I can think of many things to thank the French for like French bread, the 1998 world cup winning squad and mime artists, however Work Jackets have to top that list. The History: Originating in France, the work jacket was a staple of the French countryside. The most well known form of the work jacket is the "Bleu de Travail" jacket, this is the iconic jacket with heavy indigo dye. This jacket became prominent in France and throughout...

Dickies Heritage Est 1922

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Dickies is the heritage American icon that began selling overalls in Texas in 1922 gradually spreading its workwear to the rest of America, the Middle East, then Europe and Asia becoming the leading global innovator of workwear that it is presently. Dickies lead the way in producing authentic, high performance and durable workwear at unmatched value. The workwear experts have expanded into manufacturing casual workwear-inspired seasonal clothing including shirts, outerwear, denim and sweatshirts alongside cultural icons such as the 874® work pant.

Le Laboureur

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Le Laboureur offer traditional workwear crafted in France. A family run business since 1956, Le Laboureur's garments focus on high quality construction and simple design fit for the worker. It is exactly this focus that has allowed their workwear to grow from being sold on a market stall in Burgundy, France, to being a staple in any mans wardrobe. At Number Six we stock the classic work jacket in a range of fabrics ranging from Moleskin to Wool, perfect for an extra layer or as a casual Jacket. It is Le Laboureur's background in traditional and functional workwear that allows...