The latest of Ten C new releases is turning heads throughout Shoreditch. Here are our favourites available at Number Six now. Known as The Emperor’s New Clothes the brand is the brainchild of ex-Stone Island designer Paul Harvey who we can all admit know’s his way around a good jacket. Our first of the Ten C New Realeases is the Tan Snow Smock Jacket with a Dark Grey Down Liner. The jacket itself is made of a groundbreaking knitted nylon/polyester micro-fiber that is as breathable as it is waterproof. The weaving is actually performed in Japan while the finishing is done by the Italians which we have to add has a nice velvety touch to it. It also features horn buttons and shoulder apaulettes. Storage is provided courtesy of four anti-snow pockets and there’s a detachable waist belt to keep it all together if you wish. Speaking to detachable there’s the down liner in dark grey that can be added during the colder months giving comfort and warmth. The attention to detail does not stop here, even the sizing is handwritten inside and each jacket is numbered making it unique. This is definitely an item of clothing built to last a lifetime. The jacket is now available with the rest of the Ten C collection at Number Six London in-store and online.

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