Doing Dickies Right: Everything You Need To Know

Doing Dickies Right: Everything You Need To Know

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Steeped in endless amounts of history and respect, Dickies have been knocking the whole concept of workwear out the park since 1922. With nearly 100 years under their belts, we thought we'd delve into their most popular pieces: the 874 and 873 Work Pants.

The fact Dickies love what they do means they always live up to expectations. It's this reliability that allows for such a wide reach - people all over the world want a piece of the American hard-working spirit. They're innovators too, having developed their own signature fabric comprising a blend of polyester and cotton in an 8.5 oz. twill.

In case it slipped under the radar: Dickies are workwear focused. They do it better than anyone, ask any tradesman or office worker alike. This means that like Number Six, they're less focused on trends, and more focused on permanence in a menswear landscape. This being said, even when they do fall into trends, like now, they're incredibly versatile for so many occasions and looks - we'll go into that more in a second.

It means they've stood the test of time and proved themselves over and over again. Whether it's skateboarding, hip hop, punk, workwear, or current streetstyle; you'll be hard pressed to miss a pair of Dickies in any huge cultural movement.

It's a testament to their success and popularity on a global scale - and we can't argue with that.

The 874's: the ultimate classic cut

Following a hugely successful debut in the 60s (think America in its emerging labour-based work landscape), the 874 Work Pants have become the ultimate Dickies icon. Their silhouette alone is now a globally recognised symbol for the brand themselves.

In terms of shape, the 874s are wider on the thighs, which means a little more breathing room & flexibility. This cut is pretty essential if you're actually wearing Dickies for work, because the fabric is a little stiff, especially at first.

They've also been adopted by the skate community during its rise in the 80s and 90s. The loose fit was an ideal aesthetic that supported the freedom and rebellion that skate culture stood for. The skaters took the traditional hardworking-American origins and used it to go against its principles, and made sure they looked great while doing it.

The 874s fit the bill for anyone looking for a casual, retro vibe. They sit regularly on the waist, with slightly tapered legs, large belt loops and welt pockets at the back - there's only so much design description we can give, but the way the 874s sit on the individual is something we'd never want to play down.

The 873's: the updated, younger brother following in the original's footsteps

Despite being a more recent addition, the 873s are quickly gaining more and more popularity. Otherwise known as the Slim Straights, they feature the same polyester and cotton blend fabric, meaning staining, tearing, stretching and everything in between are all essentially impossible to do.

The 873s are much more suited to a smarter styling, cut-wise they sit below the waist, and much slimmer at the seat and thigh. You'll see a significant difference in the images themselves, as well as the feel when they're worn. It's this choice to create a slimmer style of their iconic 874 originals, that pave the way for Dickies remaining on top of their game.

Sometimes it's difficult for brands to adapt with the times, and still offer a great range of their traditional items on top of this. It's one of the many factors that's signified by Dickies bringing out the 873 (and even further variations too now), it shows they can remain relevant and loved.

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