How LA PAZ Became The Ultimate Sea-Faring Menswear Giants

How LA PAZ Became The Ultimate Sea-Faring Menswear Giants

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Technical garment development with a touch of the timeless. That's the LA PAZ way.

For 6 years now, the Portuguese menswear duo Jose Miguel de Abreu and André Bastos Texeira have been focused on developing a brand heavily inspired by the Atlantic lifestyle. Which is enough of a conversation starter in itself, if you ask us.

Seeing a brand with such a specific, alternative influence (like the Atlantic) is ultimately refreshing. This is because it brings with it so much more than you'd expect. LA PAZ look to things like the people, infrastructure and sense of community in and around the whole Atlantic area. It pays off, too. They're singlehandedly responsible for some of the most inspired pieces we've ever seen.

Focusing mainly on classic menswear staples, LA PAZ can always be relied upon to present a slightly updated, reinvented traditional piece. What separates them from the crowd is their insistent focus on high quality that's still accessible to all. Well, those who know where to look. The fact they're not so mainstream just adds to the great vibes you get from LA PAZ. You feel personally connected with how the brand began: two friends in awe of a location.

they know a thing or two about what makes guys look good

This being said, it's the fact they look to traditional menswear that pretty much sums up every reason LA PAZ are so great. The level of research they undertake is second to none: it's to make sure their design and production process is the best it can possibly be. In fact, they self-proclaim to "work in a straight relationship with some of the best local manufacturers". Keeping long-standing industries and working relationships alive is just part of the Portuguese way, and we're in full support.

In keeping with part of this rich Portuguese tradition, the boys dedicate a lot of their time to sourcing some of the best examples of craftsmanship in the world. Which in turn, they look at to influence their own timeless and durable designs. Anaglypta wallpaper is one of these influences, which becomes instantly obvious as soon as you see pieces like their Castro Shirt & Ferrao T-Shirt. It's hidden gems like this which make LA PAZ all the more appealing to those of us who like a story. Stories are deep-rooted in Portuguese culture, so it's only right that these boys do it justice.

 "full of character without being over-the-top" 

LA PAZ manage to be full of character, without being larger-than-life overbearing. It's the kind of distinguished, sea-faring, weathered character that they've managed to get down to a tee. Even looking at the model they use first and foremost on their website, he's the embodiment of the oceanic, majestic, starry-eyed old sea captain you'd associate with LA PAZ.

The best bit is, whether you're a city-dweller like us at Number Six, a countryside man, or somewhere in the middle, there's bound to be something you like from these boys. 

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