Number Six x Marshal Darling

As 2018 was coming close to an end, there was no better way to see the year off than celebrating in the only way we know how: decent clothes, good music, original art and some free rum.

This time around, the Number Six team joined forces with artist, DJ and barber, Marshal Darling for his debut exhibition entitled ‘The Body Knows’.

Number Six x Marshal Darling

Located within our Lambs Conduit Street store, ‘The Body Knows’ entailed a series of intuitive drawings that were intertwined with our full AW18 collection. All artwork was produced digitally using the Ipad Pro’s 4b pencil and an array of foggy oil pastels.

Darling’s perspectives pulled us into a domestic surrealism of the familiar and the foreign, consolidating his childhood and adulthood into one. The vivid works bring together a lifetime of mementos and memories that the artists has amassed whilst moving through Holland, Malaysia, Scotland and London.

Marshal Darling believes the foundation of his creativity lies within “the restorative power of drawing for mental health”.  Through his creativity, Darling is using his work to meet people across the globe and inspire them to express themselves.

As an independent business, we’re invested in supporting our local community and its future. We’ve got a lot of time for Marshal Darling’s work, and we reckon you should too.

Number Six x Marshal DArling

We’d also like to give a special thanks to our mates over at Havana Club for kindly sorting us out with drinks for the evening. If you’re looking to work within our Number Six retail spaces then drop us a line at

Limited edition A4 and A3 prints are available upon request.


Number Six x Marshal DarlingNumber Six x Marshal Darling

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