Herschel Studio Collection at Number Six

First launched in 2015, the Herschel Studio collection comprises a progressive offering of everyday essentials designed to slot effortlessly into in your lifestyle. We’ve handpicked a UK exclusive capsule selection from the latest drop, filled with all the best bits from the current season.

Herschel Studio Duffle Bag

Here at Number Six HQ, we’re firm believers in the longevity and durability of carry goods. Part of the current season collection, Herschel have refreshed their timeless signature styles with a functional focus. Dedicating their time to enhancing their minimalist aesthetic has proven to be a step in the right direction for the Herschel Studio team. There’s a lot to be said for slow fashion and the rise of well-considered, high-quality luggage that’s built with the intention of serving you well.

Herschel Studio Model Shot 

The Herschel Studio collection sees the introduction of lightweight silhouettes that incorporate utilitarian function with modern interpretations of the traditional Herschel Supply Co. range. This thoughtful addition is designed to promote more convenient access for the wearer, and to keep the contents secure. By refreshing their much-loved archives, Herschel have successfully brought their collection up to an exceptional standard of clean lines and beautiful functionality.  

Herschel Studio Wallets at Number Six

This diverse range showcases progressive styling at its best by ensuring the demands of contemporary living are met at every turn. Herschel Studio combines minimalist sensibilities with well-composed, premium detailing that elevates each and every style to a superior product. One of the world’s best-loved silhouettes is the Little America backpack, thanks to its 4-strap closure detailing, it’s instantly recognisable for all the right reasons. The Herschel Studio interpretation sees the backpack rendered in a waterproof polycoat fabric and includes injection molded tonal branding. Subtlety is key across this collection of modern utility styles, and it’s certainly paying off.

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