Introducing the SIXES Delaney Geelong Roll Neck Jumper

Style: SIXES Delaney Geelong Roll Neck Jumper

Reference: Mike Delaney

Mike Delaney

The roll neck is one of the trickiest wardrobe staples to pull off, both literally and figuratively. So when Steve McQueen’s ‘Bullitt’ made its way onto our screens, the world couldn’t help but take notice. Internationally renowned as a style legend, McQueen’s role in ‘Bullitt’ cemented his place in the menswear Hall of Fame.


But what you might not know is that the man himself was influenced by someone named Mike Delaney. Mike Delaney was McQueen’s cameraman and friend. The SIXES Delaney Roll Neck was designed in the spirit of Mike. It’s not clear where the roll neck originated, but we do know it’s a man’s man jumper. A wardrobe essential for anyone with style.

Everyone wanted to be Steve McQueen, and Steve McQueen wanted to be Mike Delaney. Always missed, never forgotten.

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