We at Number Six enjoy a variety of brands from around the globe, and we are lucky to stock a lot of these. Made all over the world, materials sourced far and wide, the pieces are created in exotic places, passed on to us, and then on to you.
But, we gotta' say, we do get a slight kick out of a brand when it's designed locally, sourced locally and made locally. Collective Noun is all the above, and we are happy to have them in our brand family.
To celebrate the arrival of Collective Noun's (let's abbreviate to CN) Spring/Summer '14 collection, we asked CN's artistic director, Sam Dormer, to shed a bit of light on the brand, and to also provide us with a window display!
Created with the want to utilise the talents, fabrics and mills of Mother England, Sam and partners launched CN approximately two years ago. After working in the industry for quite some time and becoming frustrated with others who chose not to take advantage of UK based artists, designers, pattern cutters and so on, Dormer was determined to make that his MO - and so Collective Noun came to be. Their name, Collective Noun, comes from the idea of the collective noun used for crows - a 'murder'. Hence their logo - a crow that's been shot through by an arrow, poor thing. But very cool idea none the less!
So, now that you've had the history lesson, we invite you to come in store, or online, and check out Collective Noun's new Spring/Summer range. Also, we implore you to take a look at the amazing window they have set up for us showing off some of their key pieces, and Sam's handy work at building a set! Truly awesome. We'll see you all soon.


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