A good friend of ours by the name of Charlie Warren called us up recently to tell us he had landed a job with the highly renowned Japanese Denim Masters Edwin and did we want to go and see the range. Well, as the saying goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth so we made the short journey from Number Six HQ to Edwin Jeans showroom and enjoyed a cup of tea and good company whilst looking at a jeans collection that can boast being the best selling denims in Japan. No mean feat in a market that prides itself on being pioneering, outstanding and exceptionally purist denim manufacturers. We are long time admirers of Edwin Jeans anyway but to have them coming into Number Six for 2011 makes us extremely glad. 



Oh, and before we forget, congratulations to Charlie and his missus Shelley (another old friend) on becoming parents for the second time to baby Emily.


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