Cast your minds, or imaginations (if you were not yet living and still mere star dust), back to 1986. The thirteenth studio album from prog-rock band, Genesis, landed with a massive blow to the ears of listeners around the world. The album reached #1 in the UK and remained in the lead position for a whopping 96 weeks. Crazy addictive synths, funky bass lines and seriously awesome drumming, not to mention Phil Collin's iconic tones, make up the eight track record. One of the best tracks with these notable sounds is 'Land Of Confusion'. With themes spanning from drug use to pornography to just plain lovin' someone, the album hurtled Genesis into the realm of pop rock, and dangerously close to just sounding like a one man-Phil Collins-show despite heavy cred due to fellow band mates. The album went 6x platinum in the US and 4x Platinum in the UK, eventually selling over 15 million copies, making it the most successful Genesis album to date. Invisible Touch, in our humble opinion, the best Genesis album! Do yourself a favour and dust off your old vinyl copy, or search it out in your CD collection, or, if you have NEVER listened to it before (shame on you) then download it immediately from iTunes and have yourself a hell of an air drum session! Then let us know which is your favourite track and why :) Happy listening! Blog-invisible-touch-cover


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