Bellerose has gained global recognition as a brand since its birth in 1989. Their ethos is one that displays a very mature view point: Bellerose are not entirely interested in supplying clothing for every man and his dog, instead their aim is to produce a variety of classic, key items without confining themselves to one specific style. This certainly sets the brand apart from many others. A major part of what Bellerose do, is to reference the old with the new. With this summers collection, they're keen to juxtapose clothing styles - a military inspired parka partly concealing a night gown paired with army trousers and brogues! Why didn't we think of that! In addition, it seems they approach every garment without compromise, be it in construction, fabrication or materials. Bellerose's SS14 season menswear collection revisits also the "old school" to create a fondness with the past but one that is both very much contemporary, unique and casual. An example of this is the Alsan Jumper. Its simplistic and classic approach gives it scope to be dressed up and down. Wear it with a pair of Reebok Classics and your trackies or vintage converse and perfectly rolled Japanese denim. We're on board. Aslan-Jumper Number Six is really excited to have Bellerose in store season after season.


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