Word Notebooks are the perfect daily notebooks for the organised modern gent. wordblog Featuring a unique bullet point system to keep on top of your day-to-day tasks, their small New Jersey-based team have provided a stylish and functional product that's both useful and easy on the eyes! It couldn't be simpler; Just fill in the bullet point when writing an item on that line. Trace the circle around it when it’s important and add a slash when you’ve started work on it. Once the task is complete, simply mark down an “X” and move on to the next item on your list. Whether it's a daily, weekly, or monthly to-do list, remembering songs to download, restaurants you want to try out, a workout routine or anything else you can think of, Word Notebooks are your go-to pocket notebooks. Word signature notebooks are available in a variety of attractive covers, with geometric patterns, block colours and even a selection of camouflages to choose from. They're comprised of 48 lined pages, and at just 3.5" x 5.5" they're pocket-sized and easy to carry around. They're environmentally sound, being 100% recycled, acid free, and designed & made in the USA. Pick up a 3-pack of word notebooks from us now for just £8.00. Available both instore and online.  

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