Elka AW13 is a must this winter, but first let us give you some background to these wonderful individual jackets. Being Denmark’s foremost makers of rainwear is a hard reputation to live up to. Founded in 1958 in the Danish city of Ejnar Lauridsen, the name ELKA is derived from the founders initials EL, and the city name Karup. The brand initially supplied the market with underwear and waterproof outerwear but these days theres no disputing their expertise when it comes to rainwear. They seem to have quiet an insurgence among the streetwear scene and who can blame them. Design to keep the water out their simple and effective design is also a classic which works well with a pair of jeans and trainers as well as a tailored suit. And don’t even get us started on the colours. There certainly isn’t a shortage of them. If we had our way we’d have an ELKA AW13 jacket for each and every day of the week! The jackets feature an equally waterproof pocket on each side to keep your wares bone dry and also come with fully taped seams giving them extra durability. The fact that they are unisex also makes them versatile for anyone at home though whether you want to share your ELKA AW13 jacket is a different matter altogether. Come check out ELKA AW13 collection here at Number Six, London in-store and online.

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