One of the most important elements of a man’s wardrobe through the years has been decent eyewear. Doesn’t matter if its sunglasses or prescription a decent pair of glasses goes a long way towards enhancing your look and a timeless pair will keep you stylish through the decades if picked carefully. Garrett Leigh eyewear certainly know a thing or two about timeless eyewear. Founded by the son of Oliver People’s founders, Larry and Cindy Leigh, Garrett Leigh's childhood days were spent between sports, the beach and his family’s passion for eyewear. Garrett didn’t stray far from the family passion and opened his first store in Venice Beach in 2009 and the rest is history. The inclusion of an optical lab in-store gave customers a chance to tailor their prescriptions to the glasses but at the same time provided a hub for the brand to experiment with designs and materials perfecting their eyewear in the process. The lenses are sourced from Barberini in the south of Italy which happens to be premier lens manufacturer of polarized, photochromic, and standard Mineral Glass in the world. The plastic frames are made of custom made cellulose acetate, handmade at the famous Mazzuchelli factory in Italy or sourced from vintage acetate made in Japan. From the Westminister and Brooks to the Hampton Number Six London is proud to offer the entire range of Garrett Leigh California Optical.

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