Gift 1- Filson Travel Kit Filson The perfect gift for the sophisticated gent. These filson wash bags are made from a heavy duty canvas and bridal leather - both are sure to age beautifully. This gift would be perfect for someone whos always on the move, wether to the gym or traveling across the world. Gift 2 Victorinox Knife Victorinox Pen knives I never never met a man that didn't own one of these as a kid. Although we get taller and more serious we all deep down miss having one of these. Perfect for the countryside, scouting and general use at work. One of them even has a 16GB USB attached to it! Made from quality stainless steel these will last a lifetime and their uses are endless. Gift 3 Socks Socken Something we have a lot of in store! Your really are spoilt for choice. Not only do we have a huge selection but we have socks from some of the best brands on the planet. Brands aside, if you're thinking of buying someone socks you really have to do your research. Watch their current sock selection and see what they are into. For me, I love grey marl socks whereas some people love highly patterned and intricate designs. Some people like just knowing that they're made in certain countries. For example Anonymous Ism Socks are made in Japan and some of Universalwerke socks are made right here in England. persol-blog Persol Sunglasses Although its dark and grey in the U.K it isn't in the rest of the world. These are the perfect gift for someone who is planning on going away or you just think they need to up there sunglasses game. Gift 5 Herschel Wallets Herschel Wallets A daily necessity, wallets can say a lot about your character. The best gift for someone who has an emotional attachment to an old worn out wallet full of receipts that is only good for the bin. These Herschel wallets have a simplistic design yet are functional as well. Available in a variety of colours and materials they could quite possibly the ultimate stocking filler!

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