Hestra started 79 years ago in it's name sake town of Hestra, Sweden. A family run business, the company has since gone on to become a world leader in the production of gloves for all purposes. This season see's a selection of Hestra gloves come to Number Six. The combination of a small team of 45 in their HQ and total control over materials used ensures each pair of gloves are the best they can be in fit, fabrics and feel. The quality of the brands gloves has earned it pride and place in many industries and profession. Providing Ski gloves for it's native Sweden's ski team, Hestra take pride in producing gloves fit for the most extreme of use. The materials used are at the heart of Hestra's process. The leather is drum dyed in order to create a natural finish and maintain the natural qualities of the leather. From here each glove is hand cut and hand finished with great eye for detail. The leather is sourced from around the world in order to achieve the finish required for every specific style. At Number Six we have a selection of Primaloft Fleece Lined Gloves as well as well as Deerskin & Wool Tricot gloves. Each glove is fitted to make sure they are the perfect fit. Hestra Primaloft Gloves  

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