We are happy to announce Izola is the latest addition to our comprehensive collection of lifestyle brands available at Number Six London. Amongst the delivery, there are functional accessories including: money clips, tie clips, hip-flasks and combs; expertly crafted with premium and durable brass constructions, for your everyday requirements. New arrivals from Izola Izola was founded in the USA almost a decade ago by Neil Rasmus, with the aim of applying practical and premium design to a range of everyday objects and tools. Izola products are constructed with care and attention to detail; adding a level of functionality to day-to-day staple items. Izola's collection of barware, grooming tools, homeware, style accessories and luggage are intuitively created and finished into stylish designs, ideal for commuting, social occasions, general daily using and travelling. Izola products are finished to high specifications finished with tongue-in-cheek engravings for a humorous edge.


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