Last but by no means least in our Staff edition of Just Popped in to say hello is the head honcho, Jake. As the mastermind behind everything Number Six it's fair to say Jake probably has some nuggets of wisdom to share when it comes to the world of menswear & retail. We sat down and grilled him with our usual few questions.

The answers..

What do you do? Jake: Window Washer / Cleaner at Number Six Your house is on fire, what do you save? Jake: As many clothes as I can carry! And my Camera... What are you wearing today? Jake: Pointer boots, Anonymous Ism socks, Druthers boxers, Anderson’s Belt, Levis jeans, Dickies tee & Our legacy shirt! What is your repeat shopping purchase? Jake: Plain White T-shirts, you can never have enough. What is your best sale buy ever? Jake: Massimo Osti Jacket from a sample sale a very long time ago. What's the one that got away? (clothing of course) Jake: Barbour x Adidas Baradi Jacket Black should have just bought it then and there! Give us an outfit from the Number Six Rails: Jake's Outfit Our Legacy 1940's Oxford Shirt (White)  Universal Works Freshwater Gilet (Navy & Olive)  Universal Works N1 Jacket (Military Navy) Levi's 501Ct Jeans (Celebration) Anderson's Woven Belt (Multi)  Anonymous Ism 5 Colour Crew Socks (Indigo & Turquoise)  Astorflex Greenflex Boots (Whiskey)

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