To celebrate a series of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world K-Swiss have released the Majors pack... K-Swiss Major Pack INTRODUCING THE MAJORS PACK featuring colour updates of the Si-18 International and Gstaad. We brought back the much loved Si-18 International OG from the archives in December last year. Six months later and to celebrate the prestigious tennis tournaments from around the world, we have released the Majors pack, featuring a colour pairing directly from our archives of the Si-International from 1992 and matching Gstaad with gum outsole. The Si-18 International was introduced in 1989, and was a breakthrough in tennis footwear technology. The shoe was infused with our exclusive “Si-18” cushioning material, a technical D•R•Cinch lacing system, and heel stability counter to increase performance for professional players on the court. The shoe was so popular it was named Footwear News’ “Shoe of the Year” four years later in 1993. The Gstaad was launched in 1986, and was the second silhouette that we introduced, after only producing the Classic for 20 years. The Gstaad quickly became an overnight success both on and off the court and was brought back earlier this year in its OG colour-way. The Majors pack are made to the same high specification and exact craftsmanship as the original models and is the latest addition to the series of special colour-way releases and collaborations rolling out through 2015.  


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