La Paz SS15 Bringing Summer to your Wardrobe
Inspired by Portugal's extensive coastline La Paz produces clothing rooted firmly in the Oceans. This latest collection from La Paz is no exception with bright and bold colours as well as more relaxed fits echoing the styles we all know and love from our holidays in the Med. La Paz SS15 | La Paz Alegre Shirt, La Paz Cunha Knit Priding themselves on their research process La Paz find inspiration in everything. Taking an open attitude and applying it to their garments is what allows La Paz to stand out not only in quality but design creating a brand not only laid back in style but in ethos as well. Continuing in the Portuguese tradition of fabric manufacturing, La Paz have created a clean and contemporary take on traditional styles introducing fun prints such as the Pineapple print on the La Paz Alegre Shirt or the green angle pattern on the Cunha Knit. It is this fun refreshing take on their Portuguese heritage that makes La Paz classic and timeless.

La Paz available online now

You can find the full collection online at Number Six here!


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