Saucony Originals are no strangers to Number Six London. This iconic footwear brand has been making some of the finest running shoes and footwear since 1898. Their footwear has gained worldwide recognition for its serious running credentials and has a large fan following spanning all ages. This week we see a few new addition to the Saucony Originals line up here at Number Six. We have three new colourways in the Premium Grip 9000 model of trainers. The colours range from Sate/Orange and Tan/Green to a Grey/Black colourway for people that want to keep things simple. The Grid 9000 was first introduced in the autumn of 1994 as a running shoe for people who needed maximum support and grip. Its Autumn/Winter 2013 appearance is welcome by many and featuring the popular Saucony Originals grid cushioning system which happens to be based on the construction of spider webs. A chunky multi panelled mid sole takes most of the impact while you run ensuring optimum cushioning, a feature it shares with the 1994 model. There's a comfortable yet durable neoprene sock liner along with Saucony branding on the sides. Not forgetting a transparent grid window in the sole. You can shop the entire Saucony Originals drop including some great pieces in the sale here.

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