We just arrived back from a stealth mission into Denamark to be first to lay claim to another of a seemingly never ending list of exciting brands that have consistently been coming out of Scandinavia in recent years.

Going by the name of nn07, the "nn" standing for "no nationality" and the "07" being the year they launched, these boys are well savvy in putting together a collection of clothing that can competently rub shoulders with some of the most well respected and long established brands in the market today.

We have been keeping our beady eyes on this little gem since it launched and up until now, it has never been available outside of the super stylish shores of Scandinavia. We will have it in Dray Walk and online from August this year so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on nn07, make sure you get in there early.

We think we have got ourselves another winner but then again, what do we know???.....a lot, nn07 could be huge!!!





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