'I do not expect to be a mother but I expect to die alone' The first UK solo exhibition from Polish-born, New York based artist Olek (or fully Agata Oleksiak) has been at Tonys Gallery since the 13th January 2012 and finishes this Friday 23rd March 2012. Or does it? In fact they are offering you a special chance to see the exhibition after dark the following day (Saturday 24th) to see the whole exhibition in a completely different light. A crazy 'blacklight' viewing to be precise. Inviting you to get creative and dress up in your best blacklight look. Date: Saturday 24th March 2012 Time: 6pm until late Feel free to bring a bottle All welcome Address: 68 Sclater St / London / E1 6HR

Wake up and play with Me from olek on Vimeo.


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