Number Six Top 5: Short Sleeve Shirts

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With Summer just around the corner here in London. We pick apart our favourite short sleeve shirts. If you're anything like us here at Number Six, you've no doubt been eagerly anticipating the first light of Summer. Not only does it make the daily hustle that bit more enjoyable, but it's the season for experimenting with your wardrobe. Bright colours and vibrant patterns are somewhat out of place & wasted on a grey and rainy day. However, now we've got a little light in our lives, we're going full throttle while we can. Here are just 5 of our favourite short...

Matt: Always Here To Say Hello

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Carrying on from where we left off with Jan, we've taken our quick fire questions and quizzed Number Six new man Matt. As the latest addition to our team Matt is responsible for the shop floor and customer service. Without further or do here is what Matt had to say to our interrogation. The answers... What do you do? Matt: Store Assistant/E-commerce. I'm new to Number Six so I generally help out where needed and learn from the lads. Your house is on fire, what do you save? Matt: Girlfiend/Cat What are you wearing today? Matt: Reebok Classic Workout Plus, Edwin...

Oliver Spencer AW16 - Music To Our Ears

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The Inspiration: Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places. The Oliver Spencer AW16 collection found it in the form of Ginger Baker. Ginger Baker was the drummer and one of  the founding members the band Cream. Having been known primarily for his role in music, Ginger Baker was a man of great sartorial pedigree. Baker often led the way for British counter-culture fashion. While America had Easy Rider & Woodstock we had the likes of Baker. The Oliver Spencer AW16 collection is inspired in particular by Baker's trip to Africa. Ginger Baker's trip led him to work with the...

Pick of the Week

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Hope you are all having a great week so far. The Autumn/Winter 2013 collections have taken over the store at Number Six with new items being added all the time. We thought we would put together a little mix of our picks of the week. Coming up first we have this beautiful Oliver Spencer Green Fine Wax Lambeth Jacket. Giving the traditional bomber a twist Oli Spencer have created a very strong piece that could easily be the cornerstone of your winter wardrobe. Made in England the jacket draws inspiration from traditional sportswear as well as old school English tailoring...

Oliver Spencer Fall/Winter 2013

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As nice as this summer has been there’s no denying that we are creeping closer to the colder months. Here at Number Six London this has manifested itself into the Autumn Winter deliveries that have been trickling into the store. Over the last few days we have had a few pieces from the Oliver Spencer AW13 line drop in store and online. Founded in 2002 Oliver Spencer has always wanted his collection to mirror his personal wardrobe and his life experiences. Traditional craftsmanship, old school construction and quality fabrics have paid a key part in his pieces. With fans from all...

Shorts at Number Six

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Now that the weather has finally cleared up we thought we would put together a little feature about our best selling shorts at Number Six to make your job a bit easier. Paired with a pair of kicks and a simple tee you can’t go wrong with a good pair of shorts. Today we are going to focus on three pieces. The Oliver Spencer Caradale Cream Skinny Short, Gant Rugger Ribbon Pink Canvas Short and finally the Ralph Lauren Navy Preston Short. Hey you can’t talk about shorts and not forget Ralph Lauren! Kicking things off with the Oliver Spencer...

Shots From Around The Sale…

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Yodambo! As we venture further into the big Number Six Sale, we thought we'd take a closer look at some of items that are on offer! Click on the pictures to take you through to the related products.

Now the Jubilee hangover is over..

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It's been a strange old week and a bit, 4 day weekend (for you not me), half of London's roads and bridges closed, and the unified inebriation of a nation for that triumphant four day binge, all I can say is any excuse. And with all that done, you would now have thought that we will return back to the norm, but you would be wrong! for all you football lovers we've got Euro 2012, and covering all other sports, except darts, shame, is the Olympics. So we thought we'd put together a few little bits to keep you rocking...

October Weekly Wardrobe with Contemporary Standard

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After meeting the amazing Italian site, Contemporary Standard at Capsule, New York, we are proud to be part of their weekly wardrobe for October and, in good company too. Click the pics to check it out..

New Season Oliver Spencer

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We go way way back with Oliver Spencer. Many a late night has been spent chewing the fat with him in various bars across the globe with one instance in Tokyo standing out in particular. Ever the adventurous one, Oli tucked into some pretty lively looking sea urchin and literally, within a few minutes, he had turned a whiter shade of pale and ended up spending a large proportion of that evening with his head stuck down the toilet. Just one of the many reasons why we like him. Another reason is the constantly evolving, ever impressive menswear that Oli...