At Number Six London we always strive to bring you the finest selection in menswear, accessories and lifestyle products. It’s something we definitely pride ourselves on. It is with great pleasure we like to talk about Ten C. This brand is also known as The Emperors New Clothes and is the brainchild of ex-Stone Island designer Paul Harvey. The latter brand known for its innovative and revolutionary contributions to the menswear industry. Ten C is Paul’s own brand using his expertise from Stone Island combined with state of the art Japanese fabrics and timeless shapes. The pieces have no labels whatsoever, inside or out and are built to last a lifetime. They jackets are designed to become a part of you. Moulding itself to you like a glove over the years. The jackets are made exclusively in Italy and are co-designed by Alessandro Pungetti. We stock an extensive range of Ten C jackets ranging from the iconic Field Jacket to the different Liners and a variety of Hoods made from 100% felt wool for that extra warmth during winter months. The Ten C Field Jackets are made from a groundbreaking knitted nylon/polyester micro-fiber that is both waterproof and breathable. The jacket also has a velvety finish and shoulder epaulettes. To add a personal touch each jacket is numbered and has handwritten sizing on the inside. Check out our Ten C collection at Number Six London in-store and online here.

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