We’ve had some fantastic new additions to Number Six, London lately and today we are introducing Tom and Hawk. A relatively new brand Tom and Hawk was founded by sisters Annette and Susanne Wirz in August 2011 in Aalen, Germany. Susanne and Annette both had vast experience in the mens casual fashion world, and feeling it was wanting, they set off on their own adventure to bring something new to the scene. Tom and Hawk is inspired by ethnical materials and edgy designs and patterns from the 80’s, a trend that is concurrent throughout each and every piece. One of our favourites from the collection has to be the Tom and Hawk Black Lee Kor Crew Kint, pictured above. Details include ribbed crew neck cuffs and hem and an all over colourful pattern. We stock a wide variety of Tom and Hawk pieces both in store and online at Number Six London. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see the latest Tom and Hawk additions!

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